Proyecto Chaskawasi
Proyecto Chaskawasi
Proyecto Chaskawasi
Proyecto Chaskawasi
Proyecto Chaskawasi
Proyecto Chaskawasi
Proyecto Chaskawasi
Proyecto Chaskawasi

Activities and skills for volunteers

Volunteer activities at the Student Shelter Chaskawasi Manu

Care for children:
  • Support classes:
    • Learning support for children takes place Monday to Friday from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm. The children are helped in separate rooms according to whether they are of primary or secondary school age.
  • Children’s rights exercises:
      • Health:
        • Children’s visits to the health center when required.
        • Organization of health campaigns in Chaskawasi in coordination with the Health Center of Salvation.
      • Education:
        • Monitoring of students’ school progress through visits to talk with tutors.
        • Attendance at school meetings.
      • Recreation:
        • Holding of workshops on various topics. Support in a variety of activities, from the realization of workshop materials, to the development of the methodology and the implementation of work.
        • Conducting group games, role play games…
        • Sports. Basketball, football, volleyball…
        • Visits to the swimming pool or river pools to cool off from the heat of the jungle.
  • Support in activities to improve hygiene habits to children: help in cleaning of rooms, clothes, brushing teeth, showers, etc…
Organic gardening and medicinal plant garden

Help in the improvement of the organic garden, planting, maintenance and harvesting of produce, composting. With help from the parents of some of the children we would like to develop a garden of medicinal plants and use natural remedies in the treatment of some ailments following the cultural tradition and knowledge of the Machiguenga people.

Chaskawasi Radio program

A one-hour radio program is produced weekly with the participation of children in Chaskawasi. Volunteers can help the team by suggesting topics, finding information on the internet, and assist in the program’s production.

Home maintenance activities:
  • Help with general housekeeping.
  • Helping with simple repair and maintenance of the shelter.
  • Support in the kitchen and dining room.

Volunteer skills

We look for people of both sexes who are over he age of 18 who are fond of children and enjoy being outdoors and in contact with nature.

People with open and adventurous spirit, tolerant and respectful of other ways of understanding life and willing to learn what different cultures such as Quechua and Machiguenga can show us.

Our volunteers also have an opportunity to learn from and enjoy the stunning beauty of Manu National Park (Perú).

If you’ve gotten this far is because you want to contribute to a better society. Go for it!