Informe de actividades en Chaskawasi

Dear friends will tell as were the activities of August in Chaskawasi.

From July 26 until August 12 in Peru’s “Independence Day” was held, where no classes and took advantage of the children are with their families. So until the day 10/11 not started coming to Chaskawasi. The return is always hard, return to the classroom routine, cleaning, schedules… but after another week of accommodation, everything falls into place.

During this month, we’ve done quite a few things:

  • At parties, traveled to Cusco and we finally pick up packages of clothes, toys and books you sent from Spain. Arriving what we distributed among all children. There were also smaller clothes, we have given little brothers and relatives of children. First of all, thank you for the contribution of the package.
  • This month we have Laura (Mexico), Divany (India), Margaret (Wales). They spent a week in Chaskawasi, made English classes with children combined with crafts.
  • They were also with us, Heidy and Ilduara (Spanish), which were two weeks each. They worked a lot with children, including self-esteem did a workshop and drew some conclusions that have left us to work on this. They have also been helpful in times of tutoring in both primary and secondary.

A weekend prepared a treasure hunt for kids, team and very fun tests, children and the instructors had us well.

  • A person Board of Neitanaque, Blanca (also mother of Sabela), has come to visit. With it, children have developed their musical powers, have a workshop machine with organic materials from the forest, instruments have also made this way. The children have learned the basics of music and we all participated.
  • Blanca, Heidy and Ilduara have also arranged and redirected Chaskawasi roads. They have removed the old posters of the rooms of children and made new ones. Have placed them all in every room and has been very nice.
  • Another day, the kids wanted to surprise us. They fooled us saying we were going to do a dance and when we went to see him, surprised us with a great war of balloons. It was fun.
  • After the holidays the football league we’re playing is resumed. This month we played two games, we won. Now there are only two more. We continue preparing and training hard.
  • At the end of the month, came the president of the Ecological Association Chontachaca with all their children to celebrate the birthday of one of them. We made a big party with all the kids and had fun.
  • Also the last days of August, held in Salvation (the village where we are located) Agrarian and Tourism Fair, which came known singers of Peru. The fair had stands of associations and / or companies that asked. We Chontachaca the Ecological Reserve, ordered one and teach people our project.

We also did a small space to sell crafts Machiguenga, as some of our girls, make necklaces, bracelets, bags and more impressive. The show was great and was the end of the month.